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My practice focuses on Game Art in the context of contemporary art and gamification leaning towards gamified life-coaching. A recurrent theme in my work is the crossover between digital games and reality where pixels, polygons, and the world of atoms are mixed together. This means I am using  media such as machinimas (3D computer generated videos), installations (in a manner of ready-mades and content-based assemblages), prints, drawings and other things that fits the work’s oevre.

An important aspect in my work is humor and (dark) satire — particularly on subjects within technology and society such as video games and internet with a focus on social media. Finding ironic situations in video games, especially things that game designers did not intend to create, are sometimes starting points for projects.

The game world has an ideology to fulfill dreams and desires of success in our lives. The aim in my practice is to rebel that and to disobey the desire of the technology and culture in it. I want to make things that are true for me and not what my dreams are supposed to be, not even in the game world. 

My aim in my practice is  to comment on the increasing layers of digitalization of our lives, including the virtualization of fitness and the exhibitionist, narcissistic culture of the internet, especially on social media. Likewise, what we do online and offline merge into an “onlife” behavior, a mixture of physical and virtual experiences that create new onlife personalities.